Friday, August 27, 2010

Flowers (side-view) - a very short tutorial


I made these flowers for a card in a recent posting. Renkata asked me how I made them. And since I was going to show her how with this very short tutorial, I thought I might as well post it, in case anybody else is interested.

Anyway, I needed some flowers that I could make very quickly as I was running out of time. It was probably simpler if I used already-made bought flowers. However, if I don't make them myself, I feel terribly guilty because I have invested so much on those punches (yup, you're looking at a punch addict here...LOL) that I feel I have to make use of them. Besides, I love love love making my own flowers, although most of the time this is the most time-consuming part of my card-making.

This is of a very simple flower--viewed from the side...and it's very quick to do.

I thought I would just show you a picture of the steps that I have taken to make the flowers.

You just need 2 punches. These are the ones I used:

1. A leaf punch or something similar for the sepal. The one I used is a Martha Stewart leaf punch.
2. Any daisy-type flower punch. The one I used is a Fiskar one.

I think the picture is actually self-explanatory, but here are the steps anyway:
(The top row of flowers is for the flowers on my card.)

1. Punch the flower.
2. Fold in half. Curl the petals.
3. Fold again in half. Glue.
4. Glue on the sepal.

And you're done. How simple is that!

The bottow row of flowers is for a more open flower.
Make a cut to the center of the flower and instead of folding in half, fold in a third.

Have fun with this!
Enjoy your day!


Lia said...

hi norma,
beautiful card and thank you for the tutorial about your flowers
hugs Lia

Debbie said...

Brilliant tutorial Norma, these flowers look great, and we are always after new flower projects, brilliant, thanks for sharing. Debbiexx

Carina said...

Oh I liked those! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and giving me more to buy :P

Danielle Champagne said...

Thank you Norma, this is really cute!

Astrid said...

Beautiful card and the tutorial is great.
Hugs Astrid

Merry said...

Oh so clever....thanks for the tutorial.

pcrusberg said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Really great.

Nancy said...

Lovely card and beautiful flower. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial.

Flowers said...

I really like your post you done a great jobs . Thanks for sharing valuable information.

Renkata said...

Hi Norma, wow thanks dear. I am touch. Ggreat tutorial.

Debbie Pamment said...

You make everything look sooo easy! Thanx for the tutorial!

best man speeches said...

Just great flowers, I see creativity in your work, respect

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