Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Angel (Plus Bride) Tutorial


I was actually surprised but absolutely delighted by the response to my Christmas Angels (in my previous posting).  Thank you all so very much. 

A few of you have asked me how I created them--really, they're easy to make!  So, in response to your requests, here's a tutorial on how to make your own Christmas angels.

Materials required:
Coloured images--for this tutorial I am using Starlight Tilda from the Merry Little Christmas Collection 2010
Doilies - the size is complete up to you, depending on the size of your images and how long you want the gowns/dresses to be
Coffee filters, if making your own doilies

If you're making your own doilies using with cutting dies, use 2 layers of coffee filters--one sheet is too flimsy.
Here are samples of doilies of different designs and sizes:

Step 1
Make the pleated gown first. Create scorelines by folding in half (matching the paper edges each time) and unfolding at half points, quarter point, one-eight points and so on.  I usually use the upper tips of the scalloped edges as my guide--shown by the arrow points.  Once you've gone around the circle, you will have folded 8 times.  

I'm not sure I'm explaining that right...tee hee, but it should look like after all the foldings. 

Step 2
Turn the doily upside down and redo Step 1 except this time fold in between the previously-made scorelines--use the dips in the scalloped edge this time--shown by the arrow points.

 ...and this is the result.

Step 3
Form pleats for your gown--like a fan--by sharpening the valley and mountain folds along the scorelines.

Step 4
Make a paper cone for underneath the gown to make the angel sturdier.  Out of your cardstock, cut out a circle that is a little bit smaller than your doilies.  If you don't have a die for it, you can use a compass (from your school days?) and scissor.  You need only a third of the circle to make one paper cone.

Step 5
Apply glue as shown and glue the edges together (overlapping about 1/2" or 1cm) to form the cone.

Step 6
Place a blop of glue a the tip of your paper cone.

Step 7
Insert your paper cone into the underside of your gown to glue in place.

Step 8
Cut a 3/8" or 1cm strip of cardstock, approximately 6" or 15cm long.

Step 9
Curl the paper strip, apply glue as shown and wind it around something cylindrical to form a paper ring--mine's around 5/8" or 1.5cm in diameter.

Step 10
Apply glue as shown--along the inside edge.

Step 11
Glue the paper ring at the top of your pleated gown as shown.

Step 12
Attach your coloured image to the ring.  And voila!

If you feel industrious, you can do another image for the back, then you have a nice front and back.  

For a Bridal Tilda

For a wedding dress similar to this Doo Bee Pops Bride Tilda (in my previous posting also), here I'm using all three of the different sizes of doilies shown in the sample picture above.  Glue the doilies together one by one on top of the paper cone--largest one at the bottom, smallest one at the top.

Sorry but I don't have the bride image all coloured up for this one...yet, tee hee.
Okay that's it!  Let me know if the instructions aren't too clear somewhere.  Have fun with this! 


Margaret said...

You do have such wonderful ideas Norma just wish I had the time.
Margaret M

Debbie Pamment said...

VERY clever - another AWESOME Norma tutorial :)

Marjan said...

This is a great tutorial !! I love these angels and the bride !! Thanks for sharing it.

Hugs, Marjan

Mickymunchkin's little space said...

thanks for thw tutorial! :)

happyglitzygirl said...

Oh Wow, this is awesome. Very inspiring, well done and easy to understand.....thanks so much...blessings Hilde

Sathya said...

Wowwwww....Pretttty!!! Love it a lot! Thanks for tute!

Yulis Kartika said...

Hi Norma ! thank you so much for the tutorial and you are truly have awesome talent!
so brilliant!!!!

Love, love and love,

Janie Printz said...

This tutorial is wonderful & thanks for sharing what you do so well. You are an inspiration to all of us... Beautifully done & easy to understand. Sure wouldn't have figured it out on my own.
Hugs, Janie

Daksha Popat said...

hi!NORMA...iam gr8 fan of your work...your all tutorials are awesome and full of inspirations.thanks for daksha.

Teri said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I would have never done these the right way and would have been totally frustrated!!!! I'm so excited to make some!!! Of course, I know they won't compare to yours, but I'm still going to make them!!!!

Mojca said...

Ohhhhh waw! what a clever idea, they look so pretty. Thank you for the tutorial. hugs! MOjca

Diana Crick said...

Great tutorial Norma!

Céline said...

thanks for this tutorial really clear
those angels are so gorgeous

Christine Dol said...

Thank you thank you thank you Norma! Your awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!

suzanne2 said...

lovely clear tutorial Norma, thanks for sharing your talent. these are so pretty!

Robin said...


Christy Designs said...

Thank you very much for your great tutorial !

l.ridge said...

Oh My Gosh--brilliant--and so kind of you to share the very clear directions--I am so going to do this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

M@miogée said...

Superbe réa facile à faire quand on a un tuto comme le tien.
Le résultat et Magnifique!
Merci pour le tuto

Lorraine said...

You make some amazing things, thank you for sharing

jcb said...

These are utterly awesome. You are a very talented person! Thanks for sharing.

Ju@nita said...

Thanks for the christmas angel tutorial and the bride.What a great idea of you.

Big hugs Nita

Annette said...

Fabulous, I was wondering how you fixed the image. Thanks so much. I'm going to have a try tonight. Will give you the credit on my blog when I post it (assuming it goes ok!!! LOL)

Helga said...

Really wonderful idea - and many thank for your tutorial !
Hugs Helga

Riet Kamstra said...

Love it Norma, thank you so much for the tutorial. As there are doo bee pops Tilda's in our Christmas tree, I will also make a few like yours for decoration at the Christmas table!
Happy Holidays!
Riet xx

Beth Brovold said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial Norma!!! I finally got around to reading it...I'd like to try it with my Granddaughters over the holidays!!

Carole SO said...

thank you for this lovely tutorial ! and happy new year to you !

Fabiola Martínez L. said...


Nicky said...

Hello Norma

J'adore vos cartes que je découvre sur FB. Je viens de faire un tour sur votre blog, et je suis fan de vos colorisations, j'espère un jour arriver un à tel résultat ! les personnages faits avec les napperons sont carrément magnifiques ! et dire que j'ai les mêmes dies mais jamais je n'ai pensé à les utiliser autrement qu'à plat. Merci pour l'inspiration que vous partagez avec nous ici et sur FB. Cordialement de France, Nicky

Unknown said...

I am in process of organizing a bridal shower...I might have to buy that stamp! these are to adorable!!! I knew you had other cute ideas around here. I am off to find more!

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