Friday, October 24, 2014

Tiny Paper Pinecone Tutorial


Someone asked me if I can do a tutorial on how I made the tiny paper pinecones that she saw on a card I posted sometime last year HERE.  And since it's nearing that time of year, you may want to make some for your own cards.

Materials and tools required:
Kraft cardstock
Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Circle Large die set (2nd smallest circle--2 1/8" in diameter)
Dark-brown marker
Stylus and molding mat
Small flower punch

What we're doing is basically creating our own spiral diecuts out of scalloped circles.


Step 1
Die-cut scalloped circles from kraft cardstock--you need 1 circle for 1 pinecone.  Use the 2nd smallest circle in the Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Circles Large set--it's about 2 1/8" in diameter (or something similar).

Step 2
Draw on a scalloped circle as per picture below.  Cut along the drawn line.

Pinecone Template in PDF (scanned to size)

Use this first one as a template to draw on the other scalloped circles. (You also may want to keep it for future use.)

Step 3
Using a dark-brown marker, draw a scalloped line below the scalloped edges, off-setting the arches as shown.

Step 4
Colour in the area below the drawn scalloped line.

Step 5
On a molding mat, run a stylus (small ball) along the scalloped edges, pressing firmly to give them a bit of a curl.

Step 6
Cut as shown to create the individual pinecone scales/petals.

Step 7
Curl/cup each scale with your stylus (medium ball) as shown.

Step 8
Apply glue along the inner edge as shown.

Step 9
Placing a Q-tip against the longest scale, wind the rest around the Q-tip.  Make sure the scale you're glueing are off-setting the ones above.  If it isn't quite off-set, tear it off from the spiral and reposition it.

Step 10
Cut off at the base of the pinecone.

Step 11
Punch out a small flower (or something similar) out of kraft cardstock.  Cup it with a stylus on your molding mat.  Adhere to bottom end of your pinecone.

Voila! There's your pinecone!

and more pinecones...

I've also made this video.

Or you can watch it on bigger screen on YouTube HERE.

That's it.  Happy crafting!


Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Wauuu Norma
this is gorgeous tutorial
I will try this one
thanks for it
Gorgeous card like always
hugs and kisses
have a lovely weekend

Louise said...

Fabulous tutorial Norma, thank you so much. I will definitely make some pinecones now
hugs Louise

Mojca said...

wow what a gorgeous card Norma! just love the tutorial, thank you. hugs! Mojca

JenniferD said...

Thankyou for an Awesome Tutorial.Enjoy your Weekend!

angelwhispers said...

Thank you Norma this is as always a brilliant tutorial what a great way to save pennies and still have a fabulous look. Have a lovely weekend Chanelle xxx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Wow these are fabulous, thanks for the great tutorial, I will definitely be making some of these.

Claudia's kaartjes said...


Das kei leuk .


Ella's Design said...

Oh my word, Norma...that's it, I need to go and make pinecones!! Great tutorial! I've had a go making some from a small flower punch, but couldn't get them as long as this, so this is awesome! Hugs, Lisa x

Shawn said...

Fantastic video Norma, well done, presented beautifully,The mini pine cones are adorable,
Hugs, Diana

Lamanuelle said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto génial!! La carte est une merveille! Bises Nadine

Armiida said...

They are cutie. Thank you so much.

mgoll88 said...

thanks for that great tutorial, cool idea and the pinecones are wonderfull, really fantastic!
A very wonderfull card creation


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous Norma, thanks so much for the tutorial, you really are very clever
Hugs julie P

Deb M. said...

Thank you for the tutorial. Love these cute pinecones. Have to try this soon.

Laura said...

Fantastic video! I can't wait to try these!

evlin95 said...

Superbe carte et merci pour le tuto ! Bonne journée

claude said...

great tutorial, thank you

Crafting Belle said...

Wow Norma, I have just come across your tutorial and it's fabulous. My five year old was amazed and he wants us to get my die cutter out and make some right now lol. Thank you for sharing xxx

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW WOW WOW - Norma you are AMAZING - LOVE these!!!! HOW did I miss seeing them earlier!!!!

Petra said...

Wow Norma, thanks for the great tutorial I love love your pine cones.
I Will try to make them. Only the film does not work.

Thanks a lot.
With kind regards,

TLady said...

Norma, THANK YOU for the tutorial! I LOVE the size of this pine cone---making it nice to go on top of boxes... ;) I've been looking for this type of Pine Cone Tutorial! EXCELLENT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!! ;)

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