Monday, November 24, 2014

Advent Calendar With A Circular Base Tutorial


This posting is to show how to make a circular advent calendar/chest of drawers, similar to the one I created shown below...(originally posted HERE)

It's the same concept as in matchbox crafts.  If you don't know what matchbox crafts is, click on this Pinterest site to get an idea.  It's basically arranging and adhering individual matchboxes to form your chest of drawers and then decorating it.  One matchbox consists of a drawer and a casing.

For this circular advent calendar/chest of drawers, the drawers and casings are of course not rectangular but rather pie-shaped.  To be more exact, each drawer-and-casing is 1/8 of a circle so there are 8 of them on one circular platform.

This is not hard to do...really, it's just very time consuming!

Use heavy weight paper, something similar to what I used here which is this Strathmore 300 Series Bristol paper 100lb. (270 g/m²).

Here are the templates: 

I'm just going to show how to create one drawer and casing.  I won't do the whole advent calendar all over again as I simply don't have the time right now...sorry, but too many things on my plate right now.  But I wanted to get this posted as some of you have asked for it and you may want to get started on your own advent calendar.  I may edit this posting at a later date--'may' being the operative word...LOL.

You will need 8 sets of drawers-and-casings per level.
For my advent calendar, the drawers on the top level are 3" deep, the 2nd level drawers are 3 1/2" deep and the bottom level drawers are 4" deep.  But if you prefer, you can make the drawers on all 3 levels the same, then you will get a cylindrical advent calendar/chest of drawers.


Cut and score as per template.

Slice up the drawer-front section as shown.

Fold along scorelines.

Adhere the 3 side flaps (indicated by arrows) as shown.

Apply glue to a drawer-front panel and adhere as shown. 

Make sure the side of the folded panel that's a wee bit shorter is inside the drawer.


Cut, score and fold as per template.

Adhere the side flaps as shown.


Once you've created the 8 drawers and casings, glue the 8 casings together to form a circle for the one level.

When you've formed the 3 levels, then you can start constructing your advent calendar base. 
Place regular circular cardstocks between the platforms and for added strength also add circular chipboards to the top and bottom.

This is how I've layered the base of my advent calendar starting from the bottom up:
-  8 3/4" circle chipboard
-  8 3/4" circle coloured cardstock (use a colour co-ordinating with how you're going to decorate later on)
-  Bottom level of drawers and casings
-  8 1/2" circle coloured cardstock
-  Middle level of drawers and casings
-  7 1/2" circle coloured cardstock
-  Top level of drawers and casings
-  6 3/4" circle of chipboard
-  6 3/4" circle of coloured cardstock

Okay, there you go...I think you can take it from here.  Decorate as desired...and have fun!

(PS.  I would love to see what you'll make with this, so send me a link to your creation. Thx.)


Plamnito said...

Awesome! Thanks! Impatient to try!

Wendy L said...

I am gobsmacked, this is amazing and so gorgeous. xxx

Diane said...

This is so pretty, Norma and it's so generous of you to share this tutorial with us - thank you!
Diane x

TinaS said...

Thank you so very much for the templates! I tried to figure it out since I saw your original post...but what should I say...? I hoped so much you would post a tutorial and here it christmas to me...Thank you!

Beatriz said...

Thanks!!! beautiful tutorial! you are so kind! Hugs!

Dawnll said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful project!

Jacee said...

Wow, how fantastic! a lovely item Norma and a great tut, lot's of crafters are going to love you big time for sharing how to do this!
hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Dayana Marin said...

WOW!! Very thanks for this tutorial!! You are so kind!! ☺

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing Norma, will put it on my to do list, Great project
Hugs julie P

Cathy Lee said...

Fabulous tutorial, Norma. I love this project. Now it will be easy to make. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

Laura Love said...

Wow! Thank you so much Norma! These are so gorgeous! I will put this on my "to Try" list!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...


NPurdum56 said...

Oh my goodness Norma! What a gorgeous (and time consuming) creation! You are such a natural! Nancee :)

on a good day said...

This is scrumptiously gorgeous! And great tute.

Beejay123 said...

Hi Norma, this advent calendar is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering if you could please tell me how you made the trees to decorate the top? Kind Regards Bridgette

Bev said...

I know I'm a little late getting here, but I found you through a link on Extreme Cards and Papercrafting from Carol. This is a wonderful piece of work. As I was reading through it, I thought it could be made better by adding a plastic lazy susan mechanism under the chipboard base. Then it would rotate, too!

Alka said...


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