Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Woo-hooooo... Look at what I received in the mail!!! Isn't it gorgeous?

I have received an award--it is a KAOS award--from my very creative teenage friend Oliver, who lives in Sweden. Oliver makes beautiful cards and projects and you can see them on his blog here. I am very touched that he has thought of me and given me this award. It's so sweet of him. (Thank you so much, Oliver!) I love it! And it looks even better in real life.

I have actually not heard of this award before, so some details are due here.

KAOS-Award was created by the very creative Yoli.


KAOS(Kreativa Artister med Otrolig Skaparglädje)

A living sign which is sent to someone you appreciate. But instead of having it digitally, you create real cards and send them on. Anyone who may in turn pass on self-made KAOS awards to others they appreciate. Award is said KAOS regardless of who made ​​them. To these be your own style and specialties to be included:

Each KAOS-award includes:
Title: KAOS
Creator's own name
Size: 10x15cm

Then you of course, photograph/scan Awards and blog about it too. In this way, awards a digital memory, but also something you can physically store and look at. The blogger appoints also the next THREE KAOS winners. Maybe write a little explanation of why these latest awards, or just leave the link to them.


So now I am off to my craft room to create 3 KAOS cards. And that's the easy part. The hard part is trying to decide who I am going to send them to. Yikes...I have so many names in my mind--it's almost impossible for me to pick just three. I think I may end up putting their names in a hat and blindly draw 3 names...LOL.

See you soon...well, not too soon...LOL. It'll take me a while to make the 3 cards.


Teri said...

Oh Norma, it's beautiful and so well deserved!! I haven't been around much this summer, so much going on, but I'm back in the swing of things and loving your creations!!!

Danielle said...

NOrma, congratulations! you deserve to be recognized, your creations are alwas soooo inspiring.

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