Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Faux Cupcake Tutorial


You guys are so funny...LOL.  You had me chuckling reading your comments for the previous posting on the cupcake gift purse/box tutorial.  Some of you want to know how I made my fake cupcake.  Smiles...the purpose for the purse/box was to fill it with a REAL cupcake as your goodie gift!!!  But okay, here goes...

My cupcake was inspired by Julie's tutorial on her Cupcake Gift Card Holder which you can find HERE.  (It's really cool and I still want to make it--it's on my to-do list.)  I basically used her method, but downscale the measurements for a much smaller cupcake so it will fit into the gift purse/box.
This is the end result of this tutorial...

- one 3 1/2 inch circle designer cardstock
- one 2" x 7" strip designer cardstock
- florist foam 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"  (or a 2 1/4" styrofoam ball--I don't know if they make this size styro balls or not.)

- and enough embellishments to decorate the cupcake, e.g. flowers, leaves, etc.


Step 1
Draw a 1 1/2" inner circle on the wrong side of your 3 1/2" circle.

Step 2
Slice from the outer edge to the inner circle at 16 equidistance points.

Step 3
Fold in all the petals towards the centre as shown below.

Step 4
You will end up with something like this.  I will call this the inner cupcake liner.

inner cupcake liner

Step 5
Now to make the cupcake itself, take the floral foam and mark out a 1 1/2" circle--centre it! This side will be the flat bottom of your cupcake.

Step 6
Chisel away with your kraft knife to form a cupcake. The bottom half is cone shaped with a flat 1 1/2" circle bottom and the top is dome shaped.  The cupcake is 2 1/4" across.

Step 7
To make the corrugated sides of your cupcake liner, take the 2" x 7 1/8" strip.  What you want to do is to score it at every 3/8" so you can accordion-fold it, so your paper will look like this...

This is easiest I can think of how you can achieve it by using your Scor-Pal scoreboard...
Starting from the zero mark out, put a mark at every 3/4"--I've place red hearts above the following scorelines on my Scor-Pal:  3/4",  1 1/2",  2 1/4",  3",  3 3/4,  4 1/2",  5 1/4",  6",  6 3/4" and 7 1/8".

Step 8
For the first scoring, place the left edge of your paper at the zero mark and score along the above marked scorelines.

Step 9
Now place the left edge of the paper at the 3/8" mark and score along the above scorelines again.

Step 10

Flip over the paper, place the left edge off the paper at the exactly midpoint between the 1/8" and the 1/4" marks and score along the same above scorelines again.

Step 11
Move the left edge of your paper to midpoint between the 1/2" and the 5/8" marks and score one last time at the same above scorelines.

Step 12
Cut the 2" strip in half so you have two 1"x 7 1/8" strips now.

Step 13
Accordion fold each strip.

Step 14
Glue the strips together to form a circle.  I will call this the outer cupcake liner.

outer cupcake liner

Step 15
Place this outer cupcake liner inside your gift purse/box cupcake holder.  If you didn't make a cupcake purse/box, find a round lid or something with a 2 1/4" diameter opening.

Step 16
Place glue on the inner cupcake liner as shown below.

Step 17
Place the inner cupcake liner inside the outer cupcake liner.

Step 18
Apply glue to the sides of the bottom half of your cupcake and also to the flat bottom.  

Step 19
Place your cupcake inside your cupcake liner.  The glue will take a while to dry.  You can hold it in place with your hand until dry...or what I did was weighed it down with a book and let dry.

Step 20 
Collect your embellishment to decorate your cupcake and decorate!

Step 21
Start working from the bottom up.  Apply a spot of glue to the bottom of each flower and attach to the cupcake.  I used a sewing pins to hold the flowers in place until the glue has dried.

Step 22
When dry, I removed the pins and replace with half pearls.

That's all folks.  Have fun making your own cupcakes!

Materials and Tools Used:

Dies:  Crealis Creative Flowers No. 6 (to make the large flower on top)

Punches:  Martha Stewart Hydrangea and 3-in-1 Hydrangea (to make the medium and smaller flowers); Punch Bunch medium Impatient Leaf used with Nellie Snellen Extra Large Leaf embosser.

Miscellaneous:  Sewing pins and pearls from my stash, Tim Holtz distress ink stamp pad Tea Dye


mags said...

Wow, wow, this is fabulous. Love the cupcake and also the holder for it in the previous post. It is my daughter's 21st in August and this has really caught my eye. I would really like to make her something like this. I will, of course, give you credit on my blog (if it turns out good enough to show). It is so gorgeous and I know she would be thrilled with it. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. I am so excited now as I know she will love it.

Moni said...

Waw awesome cupcake. Thank you for the tutorial. Hugs,Moni

Scrappymax said...

Oh thank you thank you Norma, I can't wait to have a try of your fabulous cupcake and box/purse. It is really lovely of you to share your creativity with us as your projects just leave me gaping in awe of them.
Max x

Donna said...

Oh I really must try this, your faux cupcake turned out so gorgeous, and so less fattening than a real one, so must make some. Thanks Norma for your awesome tutorial once again. You really do some great tutorials.
Donna xx

chanya13 said...

Beautiful cupcake!!! I love it

Lamanuelle said...

Superbe, merci pour ce tuto super bien expliqué! Bises. Nadine

Zulma said...

OMG Norma! this is so beautiful. Thanks for this tutorial, and the steps are so easy to follow. Beautiful colors and the flowers are gorjuss.
TFS, hugs, Zulma

Laura said...

very cool, very cool, very cool....I'm gonna try this!!!! You make it look so easy. It's so beautiful!

Shelley said...

Stunning work Norma! Love both your box and your flower cupcake. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. hugs Shelley

dolcreations said...

First I want to send a big huge hug out to you for going thru all of this work to post this! You are the best!
Second, I am with Mags...I would love to post my creation too but only if it turns out HALF as good as yours....it might be a little dicey....yours is so fantastic!

Barb Hardeman said...

Wow, Norma! Thanks so much for your fabulous tutorials! Your talent knows no bounds! Everything looks fabulous, and I would have just thrown WOC flowers on mine instead of punching all those petals and putting them together! Absolutely gorgeous project! Hugs...Barb <><

cabio's craft corner said...

OMG Norma, this easy to follow tutorial is beautiful. I did one of this cupcake a long time ago, but just never have patient like you. This cupcake is stunning and of course your flowers are as gorgeous :o)

Riet Kamstra said...

Wow Norma, again a great tutorial, you are so sweet to share! Just posted my secret box that I made with another tutorial! You are my favorite teacher :)
All cards and projects you make are so beautiful! Thanks again!

Cami said...

Excellent pictoral instructions to make this gorgeous cupcake, Norma! Wow, that's a lot of work, but it's so very pretty! I think I would just "order" one from you! LOL! You are so creative and inspiring. I would love to try making something like this, but it will in no way be as lovely!


Heather said...

This is not only a beautiful cupcake, but a great tutorial Thanks for sharing!! I shared it today on my blog, thanks so much!

Sparkly Engineer said...

FAbulous project. I saw it on SCS and just had to visit your blog for the tutorial.

Unknown said...

OK it is official, I am a huge fan of yours!!!! For the bridal shower I have a cake being made, but wanted cupcakes also, but for decorations basically. I am creating a million flowers for this shower! These cupcakes will be perfect as I can match the flowers to rest of the shower colors!!!! Perfection!!
Thanks bunches!!!
Jackie P

claude said...

very nice, thank you for the tutorial !

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