Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cupcake Gift Purse/Box Tutorial


In response to a couple of requests (Max and Sandra, this is for you) and for whoever else is interested, I  have made this tutorial on how I made my cupcake gift purse/box in my previous posting.

I was trying to rush through this, so if I've missed a few steps or didn't explain something clearly, please contact me and let me know.  Sorry this took so long, but it's very detailed and many pictures to take and anyway... I am normally slow with my editing, posting, etc...LOL.

one - 12" x 12" cardstock (for the purse/box)
one - 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" cardstock (for the cupcake holder inside)
one piece of acetate (large enough to cover the window)
items to decorate with (coloured images, die cuts, embellishments, etc.)

(Easier to refer to these templates as you follow the steps.)


Let's do the easier part first and that's the CUPCAKE HOLDER...

Step 1
Take your 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" cardstock and place it against the upper left corner on your Scor-Pal scoreboard.  Score at 1/2", 1", 4 1/2" and 5".

Step 2
Rotate your paper 90 degrees and repeat Step 1

Step 3
Move to your cutting mat and cut out the 4 corners as shown.

Step 4
Fold along the score lines.  Cut or punch out a circle in the middle of the square.  I find it easier to centre the circle when I draw a criss cross from the 4 corners.  I used a Spellbinder circle die to cut out my circle.

Step 5
Glue at the 4 corners as shown.


Now for the PURSE...

Step 6
Take your 12" x 12" cardstock and pencil draw diagonal lines from the four corners a shown below.

Step 7
Draw lines 1 13/16" to the left and right of each line as shown below.  This will make the distance between the 2 new drawn lines 3 5/8" which is slightly wider than the width of the cupcake holder (3 1/2").

Step 8
At 2 opposing corners, cut from the corners of the centre square to the paper edges, along the newly drawn lines--indicated by the arrows in the picture below.

Step 9
At the other 2 opposing corners, cut from the corners of the centre square to the corners of the paper.

Step 11
Score the 4 sidelines of the centre square. 

Step 12
Do the next several steps, from Steps 12 - 17, to each of the 2 wider opposing corners.
Corner-punch the corner.  I used a Martha Stewart Corner Punch here.

Step 13
Score as shown below.

Step 14
For the purse handle, draw lines 1/2" from the edge as shown below.

Step 15
Draw lines 1/2" from the centre line as shown below.

Step 16
Take the opposing corner and use it as a template to draw a rounded corner as shown below.

Step 17
Cut out the inside of the purse handle as shown below.

Step 18
This step is done only to one of the corners.  Cut a slit just slightly bigger than the 1 inch.

Step 19
This step is done to the other corner.  Cut out the little triangles and discard, as shown below.

This forms a flap that you can insert into the slit you made in the opposing corner lock the purse.  

Step 20
Moving on to the narrower corners.  Steps 20 - 22 are to be done to both corners.
Draw a line 4 1/2" from the side of the centre square as shown below.  

Step 21
Cut along half of the drawn line.  It doesn't matter if you cut the left or the right side, as long as you do the  SAME to BOTH corners.  (I cut on the left side here, but on the template I drew the cut line on the right side.)

Step 22
Round out the corner.

These 2 corners will lock in place like this...


Step 23
Now for the window.  I am using a Spellbinder Heart Square die here.  You may use whatever shape you want: square, round, oval, etc. Glue your diecut in place. 

Step 24
Cut out or punch out the window opening. 

Step 25
Cut out the acetate 1/4" larger than the window opening on all sides.  Attach to the inside of the purse using Scor-Tape.  

Step 26
Erase all the pencil marks you made. 
Glue the cupcake holder in place to the centre square. 

Okay that's it!!! At least for the purse...LOL.  Now you can decorate it any way you want.  

Have fun with it!  It looks complicated, but it really isn't.  
I'm done here!!!!!  Phew.....


Merry said...

That is an amazing tutorial...thanks for taking the time to do it. I have added this to my 'to do' list. :-)

mgoll88 said...

Thanks a lot for this wonderfull workshop, its great!


Julie said...

Norma, You are a star!.x

Scrappymax said...

Wow Norma, thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial I am definitely going to have fun trying one of these. It was really kind of you to take the time to do this. Just one small question though, did you use a polystyrene ball for the cupcake and if so roughly what size would I need.
Also thank you for the other tutorial you did on the circle steppers, your instructions were fabulous and made things so easy for me to follow.
Max x

Zulma said...

Thanks Norma for this beautiful cupcake box. LOL!and if you have a little more time can you make a tutorial for the cupcake too.
hugs, Zulma

Suzanne said...

This is fantastic. I am definitely going to have a go at this. Your one is absolutely gorgeous as is your 'cupcake' x

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma
Thank you soooooooo much for this tutorial, what a lovely person you are, my granddaughter is going to be over the moon.
Sandra (craftynan)

Cami said...

Wowzers Norma! YOU are definitely a certified paper engineer in my book! What can you not create? This is an excellent tutorial you have put together for us crafters. You blow me away with your creativity and talent. You design, construct, color, "build" and inspire people! I also want to make a "faux" cupcake like this! Catch your breath and maybe some day you can explain how you did it. I'm guessing it's half of a styrofoam ball embedded in the cupcake holer and decorate with flowers.
Kudos to you Norma!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome Norma, now I'll have to make one of these and some cupcakes of course. Maybe a faux cupcake might have more chance to get inside the box. LOL
Hugs julie P

cabio's craft corner said...

It looks complicated but you did a WOW job to show us this project is doable!!! Thanks for the clear and easy to follow tut!!!!!

Eve said...

merci pour ce joli tuto

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