Sunday, October 18, 2015

Creating Dotted Background Using Alcohol-Ink Markers


I'm here with a colouring tutorial.  I've had many people asked me how I create my dotted background, so I'm finally getting around to doing this.

I'm actually not comfortable giving any kind of tutorial on colouring as I'm self-taught.  Or rather, what I know about colouring is what I've learned from reading many many blog tutorials and watching how-to videos readily available on the internet.  As there are so many different colouring techniques and styles, you just have to keep practicing and experimenting until you figure out what works for you.  And I'm continually learning!

I've done a video to better show you the process, but a bit of details first.

So for this dotted background, I'm leaving it up to you to find your colours.  Find 3 markers of your lightest shades (lightest, light, light-medium) in the same tone, so you can get a seamless blend from shade to shade.  Use whatever brand of alcohol-ink markers you prefer, e.g. Promarker, Copic, Touch, Spectrum Noir, etc.

For this demo, I am using Letraset Promarkers and the colours are:
tea green (for the lightest), pebble blue (for the light) and grey green (for the light-medium)

Note:  From the moment that you put ink on the paper you want to work very quickly and not let the ink dries up.  You want to be adding the dots while the ink is still wet because you want the dots to bleed a litlle and the ink to run together between colours.

And remember that the colours may seem too dark at first when you put them on paper, but they will lighten when dry.

And's the video on how I create my dotted background (it's only 4:45 long):

Or watch it on a bigger screen on YouTube:

Okay, that's it for my one-and-only colouring tutorial...hee hee.  Give it a try and have fun!

Enjoy your day!


Danielle Champagne said...

This is lovely Norma, Thank you for taking time to share. Hugs.

Suzi Mac said...

Wonderful tutorial Norma, thank you for sharing. Hugs Suzi x

Céline said...

fab Norma, thanks for sharing

Julie P said...

Wonderful Norma, thanks for taking the time to share this xo Julie P

PJH said...

Great tutorial! Wished that you would do doesn't matter that you're "self-taught". I learn a lot from you!!

claude said...

thank you for your website and your good ideas

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