Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

Hello and happy Saturday!! (Finally!!!)

So, I was feeling a bit lonely the past few days when I thought everybody forgot about me....LOL. As it turned out I was having a bit of a problem with my e-mails. I could send them out, but not received. So I had to wait a bit longer to make this posting until I got the problem taken care of. I just spent what seems like a couple of hours with my internet-provider person and I think it's fixed now. I hope. For those of you who sent me an e-mail within the past few days, I will reply to it soon.

Okay now straight to the point.....the winner of my blog candy (as chosen my is...

#177 Elenka8791

Elenka, please e-mail me at and let me know your mailing address and I will send the blog candy your way.

The response to my blog candy was overwhelming. I was simply floored--I never thought... And of course then I was feeling a little bad that I only had the one to give away.

As you may know, Vancouver (that's where I live), was the host for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. I was sending these small souvenirs from the Games to some of my friends. It's the cutest thing. It's my favorite mascot from the Games--we had 4 mascots. His name is Mukmuk and he is a marmot. The item is a keychain. Here's a picture...

Isn't he adorable!!! I just fell in love with him. Then I thought, hey, this would make a nice small consolation price. So I bought 10 more that I will give away to 10 lovely ladies. Okay, sorry, this has nothing to do with your crafting, it's just a momento. And you know, if you don't care for it, you can always give it away...

So I have let picked the numbers again.

Here's the list:

144 libeeti
251 Kendra
38 Malin E
129 Rosemary Bridges
21 Sarah A
95 Sophie
219 rotem
335 Mayra
74 Debbie
43 Danielle Lord

So, ladies, if you care to have a Mukmuk keychain, please e-mail me ( and I will pop one into one of those bubble envelope and mail it to you.

Hugs to all. Thanks for participating. Enjoy your weekend!


li-bee-ti said...

Congrats to the winner!

Thank you so much for the consolation prize! he is such an adorable!

I'm sending you e-mail with my addi.

you're really so generous!
(and pop over to my blog, I'm having my own mini candy)

Caroljenks said...

Congratulations to ALL of the winners :) What a fantastic idea to give these cute little mascots as consolation prizes :)

Thanks so much Norma for the chance to win some fab prizes :)

Carol x

dolcreations said...

Congratulations to all the winners! What a wonderful gift Norma....these are super duper cute!
P.S. There is a little something for you coming this week hopefully!!!

Shirl said...

wow...congratulations to all the lucky ones! so very kind of you to give out little Mukmuks too :)

Merry said...

Congratulations people.. Mukmuk is a cute mascot.

charlene said...

congrats to all the winners ! Norma that little key chain is just to cute !

Debs M said...

Thanks! what a cute little guy, will email my addy to you x

Joanne said...

It was a wonderful bunch of goodies, thanx for the opportunity to win. CONGRATS to all the winners!

Jodie from Oz said...

Congrats to all the winners, enjoy your wonderful goodies. Hope your birthday was special Norma, big hugs Jodie from Oz

KarenB said...

Congrats to the winner and how nice of you to give away some consolation prizes, they are super cute!

Lori said...

Oh you are never forgotten!

Love and hugs ~ Lori

Penni said...

How generous of you Norma.
Congrats to ALL the winners.


Tanya said...

Congrats to the lucky Elena!!!!
Awesome prize!
Thanks for the chance Norma...

Debbie Pamment said...

You are one sweetheart - what a lovely gesture to have some fun consolation prizes! For me the biggest prize of all is being able to be inspired by your work!
Congrats to all the lucky prize winners....

Lauren said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Sorry to hear about your e-mail, but glad it is fixed now. Your consolation prize is adorable!


Danielle said...

Oh, Mukmuk is too sweet and I'm so thankful to be a winner Norma! My son has already decided it will be his when it arrives!!! Thanks again for hosting such a fab blog candy!
Hugs, Danielle

Bev said... Congratulations to the big winner and all the winners of the adorable Mukmuk. If anyone doesn't want theirs...I can give you my address....hahaha. Thanks for the chance to win such great candy!

Elenka8791 said...

Norma Thank you for CANDY!!!

I'm so happy

Check your mail box, I send you my adres

Elenka8791 said...

Norma hello again
I'm confused but my mail back to me...
Could I leave my adress here?

Lot hugs)

please send candy for

Oleg Bobrovnik
20548 Ventura Blvd, apt 106
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 USA

I give you my husband's name, cause only my husband can pick up mail from o=
ur leasing office)

Thank you again!!!

Elenka8791 said...

) I'm so exsaited! Still wait your candy!!!

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