Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!


Sorry I have been ignoring my blog. I have had to work right up until Friday and since then have been doing a lot of shopping and cooking. And whenever I got around to my computer, I got distracted by looking on-line for the best boxing-day deal for a tv. Yup, since my tv went kablooie..LOL, I am in market for a new tv and this is the perfect time to get it--either on-line or by personal shopping. Anyway, enough blah blah blah....

I have a few minutes here before I am off to my sister's place with my potluck dishes, so I just want to wish those of you who celebrate Christmas a very Happy Christmas and the rest of you a Happy Holiday. Enjoy yourself and please stay safe!



Danielle said...

Hello Norma, Hope you are having a nice Christmas! Your card is just lovely. such a gorgeous shape, and lovely die cuts. Miss tilda is awesome!

Miranda de Groot said...

What a lovely card.
Hugs Miranda

dolcreations said...

A Very Merry Christmas Norma and a Very Happy New Year Norma! Love the card!!!!! As always you do such wonderful work!

Mandy said...

Beautiful card Norma, so sweet.
I am supposed to be doing a mass of DT commenting but got so engrossed in looking at your beautiful blog, I can't believe I didn't already follow you.
Thanks so much for the inspiration & I hope you managed to get your TV :)
hugs Mandy xx

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